Gathering of Leaders Lay Leader Pilot Gathering

It’s an honor to have been nominated and accepted into the Gathering of Leaders first-ever Lay Leader Pilot Gathering. Like so many institutions across our church, the Gathering of Leaders is implementing new and creative programs to reach leaders that we do not typically focus on in our trainings, such as lay leaders, clergy of Color, bi-vocational clergy, and small church leaders. As I said in their report, which I commend to you for its examples of collaboration and innovation, I am thrilled to be a part of this Lay Leader Pilot Gathering because those of us in lay ministry have unique motivations, callings, and needs that are frequently not the center of leadership discussions in the broader church. This pilot gathering is a tremendous opportunity for us to be among other lay leaders to build each other’s capacities for ministry and create a network that will facilitate the upbuilding of our church.

Read the report.